Radiation protection one-gang junction box

For screened X-ray rooms.
Radiation protection technology.

Radiation protection in connection with electrical installation in radiation protection walls presents a real challenge. Secure radiation protection must be ensured by means of special building construction measures. In particular, this affects hospitals, doctors' practices and all medical facilities in which X-rays and gamma radiation equipment are used.
The ionising radiation which is emitted by the X-ray devices is extremely hazardous for people in the vicinity. This means that adjacent rooms must be screened.
Every installation opening in radiation protection walls interrupts the wall's radiation protection function. Elaborate screening methods are needed in order to restore this function.
In many cases, screening is fitted in the form of lead encasing around traditional electrical installation boxes. The planning of the necessary electrical installation in these walls is a major problem. It is extremely important that this is carried out in advance, because it is no longer possible to retrofit screening to installation boxes using this traditional method in radiation protection walls whose manufacture has already been completed.

KAISER radiation protection boxes ensure that the function of radiation protection walls is fully maintained even when installations are fitted – and without any additional screening methods. The boxes – which we supply for both lead-free and lead-lined radiation protection walls – can now also be retrofitted without any problems.

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