Solutions for trades, industries and specialists

In trade applications, brass or synthetic Syntec® cable glands are represent the optimal solution for a wide range of daily tasks. The atented, unique lamellar technology always guarantees practical cable entry with outstanding strain relief every time.

For transportation, a secure grip on the feed line is vital. The Progress® cable glands used in railway technology do not slacken, despite high vibrating loads. This results in perfect power and signal transmission throughout the train.

The automobile industry is dominated by electronically-controlled production facilities. The smooth operation of these facilities hinges on screened feed lines. The low-impedance contact of the screening braid in Progress® EMC cable glands ensures that disturbances are deflected as quickly as possible, which in turn increases the safety of the plant.

In breweries and other operations in the food industries, antibacterial agents guarantee a high level of safety. These chemical substances, however, also place a considerable burden on production facilities. KAISER AGRO glands made from V2A reliably meet these daily challenges.

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