Concrete Installation housingFree space for built-in appliances, luminaires and loudspeakers.

KAISER concrete installation systems for on-site mixed concrete and precast concrete provide you with the security that you need for planning, calculation and installation work. They are sturdy and shape- retaining, and they create the free space needed for every professional design and planning work. The components used in modular systems guarantee fast and continuous installation, from the installation opening for consumers right up to the power distribution panel. By using the reliable support system you can be certain that the planned installation spaces are positioned accurately after concreting. The flexibility of the systems gives you the perfect solution for every installation task. Our planning aids and technical consultancy department help you with everything from planning to implementation of your construction project.

System HaloX®

The new generation of concrete installation houses provides secure installation space for loud- speakers, LED luminaires, halogen or compact fluorescent lights and their operating devices in ceilings and walls. HaloX® creates the space needed for modern lighting and sound devices. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the system provides a solution for almost all installation diameters and depths.

The selection of the housings and the accessories is very easy. The HaloX® housing system consists of the basic types HaloX® 100, HaloX® 180 and HaloX® 250, also available with a tunnel for the secure fitting of operating devices (e.g. LED driver).

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System KompaX®

KompaX® – Housing system for installing downlights and loudspeakers in concrete. For both cost-effective and neutral area lighting, or for the integration of acoustics in concrete: KompaX® housings always offer the optimal free space – which is what you need for maximum planning flexibility when you make use of leading manufacturers’ products. Their special shape makes the housings equally suitable for use with LED luminaires, downlights for compact fluorescent lamps and for installing loudspeakers in on-site concrete or slab ceilings. The stable shape of the housing easily resists all loads which occur during processing.

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