Installation housing for external insulation.For built-in LED luminaires and installation accessories in insulated ceilings.

Installation housing for the secure and heat-bridge-free installation of rigid and swivelling built-in LED luminaires and accessories in insulated ceilings. The housing protects the surrounding installation material against the high operating temperatures of the LED luminaire and protects the LED luminaire itself against dirt. The integrated insulation element reliably prevents heat bridges.

• For the fitting of LED luminaires and installation accessories in insulated ceilings
• Suitable for use with all standard insulating materials
• Thermally-protected installation space
• Prevention of heat bridges through the integrated insulation element
• For insulation thicknesses from 100 mm up to 160 mm (170 mm up to 350 mm with extension element)
• Adaptation to the insulation thickness in 10 mm steps
• Installation diameter up to 86 m

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