Box, housing and sealing systems for fire-protection walls and ceilings.

Preventative fire-protection measures help to save lives and minimise damage in serious situations. Above all, it is necessary to guarantee that fire-protection devices function correctly, that the escape routes can be used, and that there is always access for rescue services.

KAISER fire-protection systems offer you reliable solutions for electrical installations in fire protection walls and ceilings. They operate automatically and maintain the required fire resistance classes. For more information, please see our special "Fire-protection" brochure.

Our certified fire-protection boxes and housings prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Thanks to intelligent AFS technology, the products react directly to fire or heat by automatically sealing every installation opening.. In addition, when installing switches and sockets in fire-protection walls, or luminaires and loudspeakers in fire-protection ceilings, encasing is not necessary.

KAISER fire-sealing systems offer secure, safe, visible and certified protection for cables, conduits and bundled cables and conduits. Here, too, tried and tested KAISER AFS technology ensures that if a fire breaks out, the sealings intumesce immediately and seal the installation opening tight against fire and smoke. In this way, the fire sealings maintain the wall’s fire resistance class, so guaranteeing effective fire protection.

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