System HaloX®Freiraum für Planung, Installation und Ambiente.

The new HaloX housing system offers space for new light or sound in concrete ceilings and walls. Shape-retaining, loadable and in a modular design, the HaloX system provides a secure installation compartment for loudspeakers and luminaires with LED, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps. Round, square or universal front parts ensure that any device up to a ceiling cut-out of 250 mm can be installed, even when facing concrete is required. Optional extension rings provide more space for greater installation depths. The toolless combination entry for M20/M25 conduits is easy to open and, even with incorrect occupancy, is easily closed again. It provides secure conduit retention with depth stop, so there is no need for later interior shortening of the conduits.

  • For on-site mixed concrete and prefabrication - for wall and ceiling
  • For luminaires and loudspeakers with installation diameters up to 250 mm
  • All housings available with and without a tunnel
  • Toolless opening technology for entries M20/M25
  • Optimal thermal management on the basis of maximum surface contact to the concrete
  • Minimal static intervention - no cuts to the reinforcement required in the tunnel area

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