Safety for X-ray rooms.

One-gang junction box for radiation protection walls.

KAISER's innovative radiation protection box protects against radiation used for medical purposes, e.g. in X-ray facilities. The high density of the radiation protection compound absorbs soft and hard X-rays. The box is especially suitable for lead-free radiation protection walls (e.g. Knauf Safeboard) and - because of its dose-reducing effect in the tube voltage
range between 40 - 150 kV - guarantees a lead-equivalent value for the wall up to 3 mm Pb even with opposing installation. In addition, the box can easily be used in lead-lined walls. In this case, the radiation protection box achieves a lead-equivalent value of 1.5 mm Pb with walls which are leadlined on one side.

  • Protection against X-rays
  • Suitable for lead-free and lead-lined radiation protection walls
  • Lead-free - no health risks
  • Retrofitting is possible
  • Fast installation without additional screening measures
  • Opposing installation is possible

Art. No. 9074-01

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Protection against radiation used for medical purposes...

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