Progress® EMC easyCONNECT.

EMC cable glands for interference-free installations.

The Progress® EMC easyCONNECT made of nickel-plated brass says it all: the new cable gland from AGRO is unbeatably fast and easy to mount. This is made possible by an innovative contact spring which, thanks to strong clamping, virtually guarantees a secure shielded tap connection.

  • Full control of the installation process thanks to fast and safe assembly
  • No destruction or damage to the braid caused by contact springs
  • Strong, protective clamping to the cable shield ensures excellent contact
  • Compact construction with large clamping range
  • Innovative spring system compensates tolerances of the shield thickness and ensures safe shield tapping
  • Cable can be rotated, moved and removed during the installation process

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Progress® EMV easyCONNECT

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