Electronics box ECON® and Two-gang junction box ECON®

The electronics box and two-gang junction box using ECON technology are ideal for installation in masonry walls on which the interior plaster forms the air-tight closure on the room side.

The electronics box ECON® provides a generously-sized accessory installation compartment and additional space for fitting small switch actuators, etc. The matching separator wall allows the standardised installation of bus and operating voltage in one box.

The two-gang junction box ECON® makes it easier than ever to instal special accessories. The big installation opening and the very large installation compartment make it possible to instal block and pre-wired accessories, and they create space for the configuring of cables for multi-media connections.

  • Elastic sealing membrane for guaranteed air tightness
  • Variable and toolless insertion of single cables, duplex cables and DIN EN conduits
  • Additional space for decentral installation of KNX / LON UP actuators, Venetian blinds UP cut-off relays, and many more
  • Separator wall for standardised fitting of two voltage types in one box
  • Maintenance of cable bending radii for network connection boxes - optimal data transfer
  • Easy installation of pre-wired accessories and multi-media connection boxes

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