KAISER Innovations 2016

Innovative LED installation housing range expanded

ThermoX® LED housings

At the Light+Building 2016 trade fair in Frankfurt, the KAISER Group presented an extension to the innovative ThermoX® LED range of products. Three more models for the installation of luminaires in insulated hollow ceilings have been added to this range. This gives the electrical trade a total of four housings in the family of products. With an installation depth of 70 or 95 mm, and installation openings of 74 or 86 mm, this allows the integration of luminaires with a ceiling outlet up to 70 or 81 mm respectively. Depending on the version, the housings are suitable for the fitting of LED luminaires with an output of 6.6 to 10 W.

The special feature of the new models which were presented in Frankfurt is two expanding pockets inside the housing and into which the fixing springs of the LED luminaire are inserted. They are made of a soft plastic component which the pressure from the springs causes to expand gently outwards, and this ensures a permanent and secure fit for the built-in luminaire. Two additional entries for inserting sheathed cables into the housing are also new.

Air-tight installation and preventive fire protection

All ThermoX® LED housings are suitable for the installation of rigid and swivelling LED luminaires in a very wide range of ceiling constructions. They can be fitted in slab or tiled ceilings, and in seamless sub-ceiling constructions made of plasterboard, mineral fibreboard, MdF or plywood with single lathing or cross-battening. In insulated ceilings, the housings – no need for tools! - ensure permanent air-tightness as required by DIN 18015-5, and they protect the surrounding material such as the moisture retardant foil or insulating material against excess heat from the lamp. This is because, although LED's use much less electricity, more than 70% of the wattage is converted to heat and must be dissipated via heat sinks. The ThermoX® LED installation housing allows the heat to be dissipated to the environment in a controlled way. The rear wall has a wavy design, so the moisture retardant foil or the insulating material only make contact at individual points, and not over the full surface of the housing. This special heat management provides preventive fire protection, because excessively high heating of the building materials which surround the housing is practically excluded.

In addition, the ThermoX® LED installation housing has even more advantages. For example, the completely air-tight construction ensures that neither dust nor dirt from the suspended ceiling can penetrate it and affect the luminaire's heat sink functioning. In spite of the electrical installation, the air-tightness required by DIN 18015-5 remains intact. This is taken care of by the air-tight housing together with the peripheral sealing lips which ensure an air-tight seal to the installation opening. Also, the operating life of the built-in luminaire is optimised because of the thermic separation between the luminaire and the operating device. A side bulge on the housing creates a maximum operating angle for swivelling spotlights.

The KAISER range of products includes a comprehensive set of cutters to create 74 or 86 mm installation openings in many different types of panel materials.

Housings for halogen and LED retro lamps

For the installation of halogen luminaires and luminaires which are fitted with LED retro lamps, KAISER's product range includes the ThermoX® installation housing for halogen luminaires – tried and tested for more than 25 years.

The easily-installed housing is suitable for both low-voltage and high-voltage lamps with AL reflector up to a maximum of 35 Watt, and also for LED built-in luminaires up to 6.6 Watt. The maximum installation diameter is 86 mm. For low-voltage luminaires, the installation height can be up to 65 mm, and up to 70 mm for high-voltage or LED luminaires. The great depth of the enclosure ensures that building materials in the area are always kept at a safe distance from the luminaire. This is especially important in insulated ceilings, because halogen lamps can generate temperatures of over 200°C. If there is any direct contact between the lamp and the insulation or the moisture retardant foil, this can result in damage to these heat-sensitive materials, and the air-tightness required by DIN 18015-5 no longer exists. In addition, as a result there is also a latent fire risk. The ThermoX® housing considerably reduces this risk: Less than 80°C is dissipated to the immediate surroundings through the housing, which is made of halogen-free plastic and is dimensionally stable up to 220°C. This protects the moisture retardant foil safely and permanently against excessive heat.

ThermoX® is easy and fast to install, and can be inserted into the ceiling from above or below. A specially-designed closing cap makes it easy to fit and remove electronic transformers, and its thermic sealing provides additional safety.

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