Sound insulation box 68 (Schallschutzdose 68)

New sound insulation solution for electrical installation work

Innovative standard one-gang and one-gang junction boxes for constructional sound insulation in cavity walls / Installation diameter of 68 mm / Also suitable for retrofitting during refurbishing / Closed air-tight body with sound-absorbing components / Directly-opposing installation without compensation measures / Complete execution by the electrical trade / Easy-to-cut cable entries / Halogen-free versions

At Stuttgart's eltefa 2017 trade fair, KAISER is presenting an innovative solution for constructional sound insulation in electrical installation work. By using the brand name manufacturer of electrical installation component's newly-developed standard Schallschutzdose 68 (sound insulation box 68), the electrical trade can now fit one-gang and one-gang junction boxes quickly and easily – and without affecting the wall's sound insulation function. The installation diameter of 68 mm allows the entire installation to be carried out in sound-insulated cavity wall constructions with a single cutter size. This ensures that retrofitting during refurbishing work is also no longer a problem.

The solid, closed and air-tight body of the Schallschutzdose 68 reflects sound, and the base of the box and periphery are fitted with sound-absorbing components which reduce the transfer of the structure-borne sound from the wall to the box. Even with opposing installation, the wall's sound insulation function is maintained. This saves a considerable amount of time and money because no additional constructional measures and materials, or work carried out by other trades, are necessary. This allows the electrical trade to provide the sound insulation for electrical installation work quickly, at low cost – and from a single source. Easy-to-cut cable entries up to 11.5 mm and conduit entries up to M25 permit flexible installation for both the one-gang and one-gang junction box. The sound insulation boxes are also available in halogen-free versions, and can be combined with each other in up to 5-way combinations by using fully-insulated support connectors.

With the Schallschutzdose 68, KAISER adds one more product to its existing range of one-gang, one-gang junction and electronics boxes, and gives the electrical trade a comprehensive basis for safe, secure sound insulation in electrical installation work.

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