KAISER Innovations 2016

Innovative solutions for electrical installations

KAISER at the Light+Building 2016 trade fair

Frankfurt a. M. / Schalksmühle. The Kaiser Group presented numerous practical innovations for electrical installations at the Light+Building 2016 trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. The brand name manufacturer's trade fair presentation with its boxes, housings and systems for professional electrical installation had as its motto “KAISER inside”. With this play on words, on the one hand the company is making it clear that, after installation, most of its products are concealed inside walls and ceilings. This is because installation space is needed in buildings wherever electrical or electronic components such as switches, sockets, luminaires or loudspeakers are fitted in walls or ceilings. Kaiser offers suitable systems to meet every need for electrical installations in masonry, cavity wall constructions or in concrete constructions. There are also perfect solutions to deal with the current requirements of building practices such as energy efficiency, fire protection, sound insulation and radiation protection and also refurbishing. The product range also includes a professional and high-quality series of cable glands for trade and industry. However, at the same time the “KAISER inside” motto refers to the long-standing experience and know-how which lie inside Kaiser's many pioneering solutions in the field of electrical installation. In recent decades above all, new products and systems have been continuously developed which quickly set standards for the entire sector. For example, this year, too, a wide range of innovative new products was on display at the Frankfurt trade fair.

Air-tight electrical installation in cavity walls

The highlights included the new ECON® Flex electronics box for air-tight electrical installation in cavity walls as specified by the EnEV and DIN 18015-5. As the addition to the name indicates, it provides more flexibility and space for the installation. This is made possible by the elastic tunnel which is fitted at the side of the box and which, after installation, is simply expanded in the installation level. This tunnel creates additional space for the fitting of communications and network technology, actuators, cable reserves or additional connection terminals. The ECON® Flex box is ideal for the modernising or expanding of existing electrical equipment, because only a standard 68 mm diameter cut hole is needed for installation. For double and multiple boarding situations, the reliable, tested box guarantees the air-tightness of the installation opening.

Air-tight LED installation housings

Kaiser has now added three models to the ThermoX® LED installation housing series for the air-tight installation of LED's in a very wide range of hollow ceiling constructions. These products create the air-tightness of electrical installations as specified by DIN 18015-5, and this is ensured by the air-tight housing in combination with the peripheral sealing lips which close the installation opening. The housings are available in various shapes, depths and diameters, and, depending on the version, can accept LED luminaires from 6.6 to 10 W. The special feature of the new models which were presented in Frankfurt is two expanding pockets inside the housing and into which the fixing springs of the LED luminaire are inserted. They are made of a soft plastic component which the pressure from the springs causes to expand gently outwards, and this ensures a permanent and secure fit for the built-in luminaire. Two additional entries for the insertion of sheathed cables into the housing are also new. In insulated ceilings, the housings – no need for tools! - ensure permanent air-tightness as required by DIN 18015-5, and they protect the surrounding material such as the moisture retardant foil or insulating material against excess heat from the lamp. Instead, the ThermoX® LED installation housing allows the heat to be dissipated to the environment in a controlled way. The rear wall has a wavy design, so the moisture retardant foil only make contact at individual points, and not over the full surface of the housing.

10 years of fire protection competence

At the Light+Building trade fair 2016, the KAISER Group was able to look back on 10 years of experience and competence in the field of fire protection. In 2006, at the trade fair in Frankfurt, the HWD 90 cavity wall boxes were presented as the first one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes for fire-protection walls up to F90 (EI90) – worldwide! During the following years, the company constantly expanded this series in order to provide the electrical trade with a full range of products with which to deal with almost all tasks involving constructional fire protection in the electrical installation sector.

Just at this year's Light+Building trade fair, Kaiser's innovations included four important new fire-protection products in the boxes, housings and sealings sectors. These are the flush-mounting fire-protection box, the HWD 90 cavity wall boxes (now new for walls from EI30 – EI120 and sound insulation), the HWD 68 fire protection boxes from EI30 to EI90 (the basis for good fire-protection installations), and the FlamoX® installation housings for EI30 fire-protection ceilings, the electrical trade's ideal solution for fast, easy installation of luminaires and loudspeakers in hollow ceilings.

The product range for this sector is completed by the HWD 30 ceiling box for electrical installation in fire-protection ceilings and the many different sealing systems with which cable or conduits can be inserted through fire-protection walls or ceilings.

System equipment carriers for insulated facades

Kaiser provides numerous solutions for installation work in insulated facades, and these solutions securely meet the requirements specified by DIN 18015-5 for air-tight and heat bridge-free electrical installation. System equipment carriers for the fixing or installation of cameras, luminaires, switches, sockets or entryphones in insulated facades have now been added to the product range. The new equipment carrier is fixed in the facade by means of a single knock-in anchor, and is suitable for insulation thicknesses from 160 to 310 mm. Universal screw-on surfaces are used to fix devices to the external facade. System equipment carriers with multiple-device front plates are available for the installation of switches, sockets or, for example, entry-phones. Simply by breaking out the front plates, two-way or three-way combinations can be implemented without much difficulty as well as one-way accessories.

10 years of AGRO cable glands

The KAISER Group was able to celebrate one more anniversary at the Frankfurt trade fair, because the products of AGRO, the Swiss cable gland specialists, have now been part of the Kaiser range for 10 years. During this time, the series of metal plastic cable glands has been constantly expanded, and now a complete range of cable glands for use in every situation is available to the trade and industry.

This year's new cable gland range includes a pressure compensation element made of halogen-free and UV-resistant plastic. It is fitted with a special membrane and is especially suited to installation in plastic distribution casings and installation housings. The cable glands in the Progress ultraFLAT series are now EHEDG-certified, which demonstrates that they are suitable for use without restriction in the foodstuffs industry. For many years the KAISER Group has provided cable glands for EMC applications and which satisfy the various requirements in this sector. With its plastic or brass Syntec cable glands, KAISER supplies a practical range of articles for the electrical trade's daily tasks. The patented lamella technology and the user-friendly pressure nuts with catch mechanisms ensure easy, secure cable entries with optimal strain relief.

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