KAISER at the efa 2017

New installation housing for external insulation for LED built-in luminaires and other installation accessories

Innovative installation housing for LED luminaires in composite thermal insulation systems / For fitting LED luminaires up to 8 W / Secure space for ballast devices / For the installation of loudspeakers and other installation accessories / Suitable for all standard insulation materials / Heat-bridge-free electrical installation / Protection of the surrounding insulation material against heat from the LED luminaire / Protection of the LED luminaire against dirt

Schalksmühle. At the efa 2017 trade fair in Leipzig, KAISER is presenting the innovative installation housing for external insulation. This newly-developed housing allows the building trade to balance, without any risks, the requirements of heat-bridge-free electrical installation and the heat management of LED lighting in composite thermal insulation systems.

The integrated high-performance insulation element ensures heat insulation and the requirement made of heat-bridge-free electrical installation. The housing can be used for insulation thicknesses from 100 to 160 mm. An extension element is available for insulation thicknesses from 170 to 350 mm. The insulation thickness can be adjusted in 10 mm steps. The installation housing is suitable for all standard insulation materials, for example fibreboard, foam glass or mineral form, and expanded polystyrene.

The installation housing for external insulation provides secure space for rigid and swivellable LED luminaires up to 8 W and for the relevant ballast device or other installation accessories such as loudspeakers. Depending on the set insulation thickness, luminaires with an installation depth between 70 and 130 mm can be fitted without any weakening of the heat insulation. The front panel of the housing has an embossed ø 68 mm ceiling exit which can be knocked out, or a universal surface for cutting-out up to ø 86 mm.

The installation housing for external insulation ensures a thermally- protected installation space. The housing protects the surrounding insulating material against the high operating temperatures of the LED luminaire, and also protects the LED luminaire itself against dirt.

The housing provides a wide range of options for cable or conduit entry. One central entry option is positioned directly above the central point of the luminaire. If a cable exit is moulded in the rough ceiling in the area of the central point of the luminaire, e.g. an end or transition bush or a ceiling junction box, the cable can be inserted directly into the housing. Side entry options allow insertion of the cable from the side into the housing, and also the connection of two or more housings as a group arrangement. The entries on the base function in this way when the extension element is used for insulation thicknesses from 170 to 350 mm. The entries are designed for cable or conduit diameters up to 25 mm.

The insulation thickness is set in 10 mm steps simply by cutting. A measuring scale on the sides of the housing helps with this. The cable entries are made air-tight with the help of the KAISER universal opening cutter. If electrical installation conduits are used, the M20 / M25 combination entries can easily be broken out. To create air-tight installation, fit sealing plugs to the conduits.

Secure mechanical fixing of the installation housing for external insulation takes place directly on the rough ceiling. Exact positioning in respect of the central point of the luminaire is very easy with the help of the alignment marking on the housing. Screw the housing to the ceiling with an 8 mm dowel and a matching screw. The screw cover on the side of the housing can easily be broken out and, when pushed onto the screw, prevents voltage transfer and also a heat bridge caused by the fixing screw.

Depending on the required ceiling exit, the front panel can be turned by 180° and, in accordance with the central point of the luminaire, easily be latched onto the housing. After the insulation has been fitted and plastered over, the LED built-in luminaire with ballast device or another installation accessory have a secure place in the external insulation.

KAISER at the efa 2017:
Hall 5, Stand G14/H15

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