KAISER Innovations 2016

Trend-setting new AGRO cable glands

Pressure compensation elements | Progress® ultraFLAT with EHEDG-certification

At this year's Light+Building trade fair, the KAISER Group presented fascinating new products in the field of cable gland technology. So, once again, the company is underlining its innovative leadership in the electrical installation products and cable entries sectors, and completes the AGRO cable glands sectors in order to meet all requirements. At the same time, we celebrated an anniversary in Frankfurt, because the products of AGRO, the Swiss cable glands specialists, have now been available on the German market, through KAISER, for 10 years. During this time, the product range of metal and plastic cable glands has grown continuously, so that trade and industry can now make use of a complete range of products for every application.

New plastic pressure compensation element

A new pressure compensation element made of halogen-free and UV-resistant plastic is just one of the new products. It is equipped with a special polyethersulfon (PES) membrane and is a low-cost alternative to brass compensation elements. It is especially suitable for installation in distribution casings and other housings made of plastic.

Pressure compensation elements prevent differences in pressure, temperature variations and the formation of condensation in electrical housings. They are always used when electrical or electronic components are exposed to major variations in temperature, moisture or dirt.

AGRO pressure compensation elements are available in three different versions. The plastic or brass types with a membrane prevent water from penetrating the housing, and at the same time they allow water vapour to escape. Pressure compensation elements with a sinter filter are used when compensation is needed for extreme pressure and moisture variations in large housings. The sinter plate allows a much greater exchange of air. In addition, it protects the interior of the housing against splashing water and insects. Drainage elements with a sieve are used when environmental conditions make it necessary for condensation to be drained on an ongoing basis. To ensure optimal and complete drainage, they are fitted at the lowest point of the housing.

Progress® ultraFLAT with EHEDG certification

The Progress® ultraFLAT series of cable glands which are also on display in Frankfurt now has EHEDG certification. The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) is involved in the hygienic productions of foodstuffs and similar products such as cosmetics and pharmaceutical articles, and it makes strict demands of the characteristics of components which are used in production processes. Following certification of the Progress® ultraFLAT cable gland, these requirements are now documented, and the cable glands can now also be used without any restrictions in the foodstuffs industry.

For this cable gland, the entire technology was moved inside the housing, so only the extremely flat and round contour of the cable gland is visible from the outside. This means that there is very little surface area on which dirt or bacteria can collect, and at the same time it is easy to clean. The stainless steel A2 version is resistant even to harsh cleaning and disinfection agents. Because they are so easy to clean, they are suitable not only for the foodstuffs industry, but also for other hygiene-sensitive sectors such as clean rooms or operating theatres in hospitals.

In addition, the simple, attractive design makes this cable gland interesting for applications in high-quality electrical equipment. It is also suitable for use in public transport systems, because its flat shape and the fixing from inside ensure that external manipulation is not possible, which prevents vandalism.

Cable glands for EMC applications

For many years, the KAISER Group has been supplying cable glands for EMC applications, and such cable glands deal with the differing requirements in this sector. A new product in the range is the Progress® easyCONNECT Multi from the Progress® EMC easyCONNECT cable gland series, with which multiple screened cables can be fed through a cable gland and into a housing. The number and diameters of the drill holes in the sealing insert are variable, so individual special solutions are possible.

All the cable glands in this series have a new type of contact spring which can easily be placed into its correct position. Thanks to its special shape and design, it adapts in the best possible way to the shielding braid – even when multiple cables are fitted in parallel in one cable gland. The special clamping technology ensures that the cables can be turned and pushed during installation. For this reason, the shielding braid cannot be damaged or destroyed by being interlocked. Also, the contact spring ensures protective and powerful clamping. The unrestricted secure shield contacting provides extremely good operating results, which guarantees the problem-free electromagnetic function of the unit at all times.

The EMC range of products is completed by three additional series of cable glands which are differentiated according to their contacting types. The Progress EMC Rapid brass cable gland provides time-saving installation and is equipped with a contact plate. This plate allows good contacting for partially-stripped cables or fully exposed cable shields which are to be inserted further into the housing. The Progress EMC brass series is used when the screening terminates in the cable gland. A contacting sleeve which is crimped over the shielding braid ensures reliable 360° contacting and guarantees minimal transition resistances. With its power tap contact element, which is capable of handling high currents, the Progress EMC Serie 85 brass cable gland provides a concentric shield contact for high leakage currents. It copes permanently with leakage currents up to 1.6 kA, and temporarily even up to 3 kA.

Syntec – the cable gland for the electrical trade

With plastic or brass Syntec cable glands, KAISER supplies a practical range of articles for the electrical trade's daily tasks. The patented lamella technology and the user-friendly pressure nuts with catch mechanism provide easy, secure cable entry with optimal strain relief.

With its series of tried-and-tested processing advantages, the Syntec® range permits especially fast and easy screwing: Special lamella geometry with moveable lamellae allows the insertion of various cable diameters. At the same time, strain relief and the best possible anti-twist protection are ensured. The pressure nut with its large flats creates a secure fit, both during manual pre-installation and tightening using a spanner.

These top-quality cable glands with a short or long metric thread are available for reliable fixing with a thread or counternut. All Syntec® cable glands are tested to DIN EN 62 444 and provide protection class IP 68. The product range consists of eight sizes, from M12 to M63. The wide range of accessories includes counternuts, locking screws and adapters.

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