KAISER Innovations 2016

FlamoX® ensures fire-protection

FlamoX® fire-protection housing

At the Light+Building 2016, the KAISER Group presented a new generation of the tried-and-tested FlamoX® installation housings for the installation of devices such as luminaires or loudspeakers in suspended fire-protection ceilings. By fitting these housings, the ceiling's fire-resistance class is retained in spite of the installation of the accessory.

Fire-protection ceilings with a fire-resistance duration of F30 (EI30) and higher, must, in accordance with DIN 4102-4 or DIN EN 1364-2, be carried out with a closed area of non-flammable building materials. For this reason, all the devices fitted in ceilings had to be encased in panel materials in order to maintain the ceiling's fire-protection class, and this was a complicated and time-consuming process.

Against this background, and more than 10 years ago, KAISER developed the tried-and-tested FlamoX® fire-protection housing for use by the electrical trade. This means that the electrical company which is carrying out the work can restore the fire protection of electrical installations in F30 (EI30) ceilings without needing outside help. For this new generation of housings, the dimensions were adapted to match modern illumination and sound systems, so that they are ideal for universal use. The installation housings can now be fitted with LED luminaires, luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps, low-voltage and high-voltage luminaires, loudspeakers and other accessories, including any operating devices which may be necessary. The housings can easily be fitted from below in fire-protection ceilings, but also from above, through the installation opening which must be cut, and without the need for any additional suspension.

In the event of a fire, the integrated fire-retardant coating automatically closes the installation openings in the fire-protection ceiling or wall within a very short period of time. This reliably prevents the spreading of fire and smoke gases, which secures emergency escape routes in the building.

FlamoX® housings comply with fire-resistance class F30 (EI30) and withstand fire stress caused by fire loads from above and below. This means that optimal constructional fire protection can easily and quickly be ensured for fire-protection ceilings by the electrical installation company.

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