KAISER Innovations 2016

Innovative electronics box with flexible terminal compartment

ECON® Flex electronics box

In the centre of the KAISER group's presentations at the Light+Building 2016 trade fair was the innovative ECON® Flex electronics box for air-tight electrical installations in cavity walls in accordance with EnEV specifications. It creates additional installation space, and this gives the electrical trade increased flexibility during installation work, especially in the modernisation sector.

The growth in home and building automation, together with communications and network technology, means that more and more electronic components such as actuators or wireless-controlled elements will be hidden behind the walls. This makes it necessary to have suitable installation space – and this is what the ECON® Flex electronics box and its flexible tunnel provides. Also, it is ideal for modernising or expanding existing electrical equipment, because all that is needed for installation is a standard cut hole with a diameter of 68 mm. For example, in an existing situation, a cavity wall box can quickly and easily be replaced by the new ECON® Flex electronics box which provides much more space. However, it can also be installed as an additional box, because it can be combined with existing Kaiser ECON® cavity wall boxes.

Fast, easy installation

As the extension to its name suggests, the ECON® Flex electronics box provides a lot of flexibility and also more space for the installation. This is made possible by the elastic tunnel which is fitted to the box and which, after installation, is expanded in the installation level. This tunnel creates additional space for the fitting of actuators, cable reserves or more connection terminals. The extremely simple installation process also saves time, because all that is needed is a 68 mm installation opening, if this isn't already present. First, the cables are inserted into the box – no need for any tools! When it is inserted into the 68 mm installation opening, the flexible tunnel adapts in such a way that the box can be inserted without any difficulty. The box is then quickly and securely fixed in position with FX4 threaded screws. Afterwards, the tunnel is expanded in the installation level and the electronic component is inserted and wired up.

Air-tight in accordance with EnEV

The new ECON® Flex electronics box is equipped with Kaiser's tried-and-tested ECON® technology. This makes it ideal for energy-efficient electrical installation as specified by the EnEV and DIN 18015-5, and also for clean rooms and hygiene-sensitive environments. ECON® Flex can be fitted in cavity walls with panel thicknesses from 7 to 30 mm without any restrictions to the functioning of the flexible tunnel. The reliable and tested box ensures the air-tightness of the installation opening even with double or multiple boarding, which prevents draughts and the formation of condensation. In addition, the tunnel is connected firmly to the box, which also contributes to guaranteed air-tightness and at the same time prevents the tunnel from being lost in the cavity wall construction without anybody noticing. This also guarantees permanent maintenance of protection class IP30.

In addition, ECON® technology allows toolless, time-saving cable and conduit entry thanks to its sturdy sealing membrane with predefined entries. Because of the elasticity of the material used, the membrane encloses and seals the cable or conduit after penetration, which prevents unwanted air flows. At the same time, the integrated cable retention according to DIN 60670-1 provides a secure fit for all the cables. The ECON® Flex electronics box is equipped with two entries for installation conduits up to M25 and with two cable entries each for sheathed cables up to 3 x 2.5 mm² and 5 x 1.5 mm². The conduit entries in the base of the box are constructed across the corner, so that even when the wall construction is extremely thin, installation conduits can be inserted at an extreme angle. By means of combinations using support connectors, air-tight through-wiring with other ECON one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes for expanding an existing installation can take place. Of course, ECON® Flex is also available in halogen-free plastic.

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