An “Oscar” for Kaiser from the electrical trade

Electrical brand industrial partner for 2017

Exemplary commitment to the electrical brand / Top quality products “Made in Germany” / Standards created for the whole electrical sector / The electrical trade’s work made easier, coupled with fast, safe, secure installation / Quality and safety / Motivation for the company to continue along its chosen path /

Mainz / Schalksmühle. At the annual meeting in Mainz of the companies which operate in the electrical trade, Kaiser GmbH & Co. KG, the manufacturer of electrical installation products and systems, was the winner of the electrical brand prize in the “Industry” category. The ZVEH, the Central Association of the German Electrical and Information Technology Industry, awards this prize - also referred to as the “Oscar for the electrical trade” - for exemplary commitment to the electrical brand. The electrical brand is seen as a seal of quality, customer focus and the best possible service in the electrical trade. Currently more than 8,200 specialist electrical companies belong to this association.

In a laudatory speech which was interrupted on numerous occasions by applause, Lothar Hellmann, the president of the ZVEH, praised Kaiser as a manufacturer without whose top quality “Made in Germany” products nothing would be possible on the electrical trade’s building sites. “Within just over a century, the company has continued to set standards for the entire sector,” he said. He went on to say that the company simplified work for the electrical trade even in the fields of heat, fire, sound and radiation protection, ensuring easy, fast, safe and secure installation. “Buildings which incorporate the products of our electrical brand partner of the year can be described as being ennobled. They represent quality and safety,” Hellmann said at the event.

Burkard Kaiser, the company’s managing director, who accepted the prize, was delighted. “It is indeed a great honour, and one which fills me with pride, to be acclaimed as a partner of industry by our most important target group, the electrical trade.” He continued by saying that most of all it was the work of the employees which was being honoured. “For the KAISER Group, this prize is at the same time a clear incentive to continue along the chosen path of being a driving force for quality, innovation and customer focus, and – while maintaining close contacts to the electrical trade – continuing to supply products which meet our high standards in order to make work easier and to provide an excellent level of service.”

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