KAISER Innovations 2016

10 years of fire protection for the electrical trade

KAISER at the Light+Building 2016 trade fair

Frankfurt a. M. / Schalksmühle. At the Light+Building 2016 trade fair, the KAISER Group was able to look back on 10 years of expertise in the fire protection sector. It was in 2006 at the Frankfurt trade fair that with the HWD 90 cavity wall boxes, the world's first one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes for fire-protection walls up to F90 (EI90) were introduced. During the following years, the company continuously expanded this product range in order to give the electrical trade a full programme with which to solve almost all the tasks in the field of electrical installations for fire protection.

As a reliable partner to the trade, the company points out that it set out to provide practical solutions even in the fire protection sector. The aim was to allow electricians to carry out safe and secure fire protection electrical installations without the need to use other trades. Just at this year's Light+Building fair, with the flush-mounting fire-protection box, the HWD 90 cavity wall box, the HWD 68 fire-protection box and the FlamoX® installation housing for hollow ceilings, KAISER, the innovative leader in the field of boxes, housings and sealings, presented four new fire-protection products all at once.

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  • Stopping fire and smoke

    All KAISER fire-protection boxes and fire sealings are equipped with AFS technology. In the event of a fire, and in a very short period of time, the integrated fire-retardant coating automatically closes all the installation openings in the fire-protection ceiling or wall. Thanks to this technology, the fire-protection boxes and fire sealings do not need any encasing, because the wall's fire-protection class is not weakened as a result of the electrical installation. Smoke and fire are reliably presented from spreading, and escape routes in a building are kept safe.

    Innovative flush-mounting fire-protection box

    The highlights of this year's new products at the trade fair in the fire-protection sector include the flush-mounting fire-protection box. In spite of the embedded electrical installation, it maintains the fire-resistance duration of the fire-protection wall at EI30 to EI120. It can be installed in all solid fire-protection walls. Fixing is by means of plaster or fast cement – special fire-protection mortar is not necessary. Even if with opposing or one-side installation the remaining wall thickness is less than the 60 mm specified by DIN 4102-4, the new flush-mounting installation box ensures secure and smoke-proof closure of the fire-protection wall.

    HWD 90 with expanded range of uses

    The HWD 90 series of cavity wall boxes has been tried-and-tested and demonstrated its usefulness for more than 10 years. Constant additions to the range, plus technical updating, have ensured that it can now be used even more widely. For example, now it is suitable for installation in fire-protection walls with fire-resistance classes EI30 to EI120. The innovative ongoing development of AFS technology means that the fire-protection boxes now have fire-resistant duration of up to 120 minutes. In addition, all the HWD 90-type boxes maintain the sound insulation function up to a level of 77 dB. The HWD 90 fire-protection programme consists of a one-gang box, a one-gang junction box, and an electronics box. They provide additional space for electronic components and can also be used as a double box.

    Cavity wall box for fire-resistance class up to EI90

    Kaiser, the brand-name manufacturer for electrical installation products, has also developed a new cavity wall for the fire-protection basis. The HWD 68 provides fire-resistance class EI90 together with fast, easy installation for the electrical trade. The boxes are fitted into a 68 mm cut opening and can easily be combined using support connectors. They can also be installed in a directly-opposing way, even for up to a 5-way combination. When a fire-protection cover is fitted, the cavity wall can also be used as a junction box up to EI60.

    Ceiling boxes for fire-protection ceilings

    The range of installation boxes for fire-protection is completed by the HWD 30 ceiling box for electrical installations in fire-protection ceilings. It guarantees the fire-resistance class up to EI30, and even up to EI90 if it is backed with insulating material. Here, too, additional encasing of the box with panelling material inside the ceiling is not necessary. The ceiling boxes are used for the installation of built-in devices such as luminaires, cameras, and motion or smoke detectors. When a fire-protection cover is fitted, they can also be used as junction boxes.

    Practical solutions save time

    With these fire-protection boxes, KAISER provides the electrical trade with practical solutions which meet its needs, and which save a lot of time during installation work. This is because many applications which require in part very labour-intensive and complicated reworking are dealt with just as quickly as with conventional installations which do not involve fire protection.

    Installation housings for luminaires

    For the new generation of FlamoX® installation housings for suspended EI30 fire-protection ceilings, which were introduced as early as 2004, the dimensions were adapted to modern lighting and sound systems, so they are easy to install and for universal use. LED luminaires, luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps and low-voltage and high-voltage luminaires can also be installed in the housings, as well as loudspeakers and other installation accessories, including any operating devices which may be required. The housings can also easily be fitted without any additional suspension in fire-protection ceilings from below and through an installation opening which needs to be cut.

    Fire sealings for cables and conduits

    Break-throughs for cables and installation conduits which pass through fire-protection walls or ceilings must be secured against the spreading of smoke and fire. To solve this problem, KAISER's product range includes a very wide system of sealings such as the LS 90 cable sealing system, the RS 90 conduit sealing system for individual cables, and the two-piece DS 90 / 74 and DS 90 / 120 box sealing systems for thicker cables or bundles of cables. The sealings can be fitted in solid masonry, concrete and drywalls. In addition, Kaiser offers special ceiling seal systems for concrete or cellular concrete ceilings. All the systems are equipped with AFS technology and can be fitted using standard tools. They can also be dismantled at any time, so cables can be fitted safely and non-destructively at a later date.

    A patented sealing plug is available to create the smokeproof closing of the ends of installation conduits which are used in fire-protection ceilings and walls. ECON technology allows cables and individual leads to be fed – air-tight and, most important of all, smokeproof - through installation conduits.

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